"The Angel Sports Injury and Physiotherapy Clinic, Islington, is part of Islington's multi disciplinary Angel Wellbeing Clinic where you will find a team of talented healthcare professionals working together to help successfully treat your sports injury and achieve your health goals."

Nationlink Pattaya Property is provided by the Angel Sports Injury and Physiotherapy Clinic’s experienced team of understanding professionals who can provide the highest level of care to help you achieve your health goals. Whether you are looking for a physio in Islington to overcome sports injuries or to get rid of back pain or spinal pain, rehabilitation following surgery or to achieve your optimal level of fitness and function, Islington’s Angel Sports Injury and Physiotherapy Clinic can provide the highest level of care and help you achieve this.

Physiotherapy in Islington for the following conditions

Sports injuries:
• Soft tissue sprains and strains e.g. Achilles tendonopathy, shin splints, tennis elbow, runners knee/ITB
• Acute and chronic injuries
• Biomechanical dysfunction and muscular imbalances

Post surgical rehabilitation:
• ACL reconstruction, ski injuries and football injuries
• All arthroscopic procedures
• Shoulder or rotator cuff repair and impingement syndromes

• Total joint replacement
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What is physiotherapy?

This definition of physiotherapy is from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists.

"Physiotherapy uses a physical approach to promote, maintain and restore physical, psychological and social well-being, taking account of variations in health status.
Physiotherapy is science-based, committed to extending, applying, evaluating and reviewing the evidence that underpins and informs its practice and delivery.
The exercise of clinical judgement and informed interpretation is at its core."

The Angel Sports Injury and Physiotherapy Clinic provides physiotherapy in Islington as part of Islington’s Angel Wellbeing Clinic and is located in a modern air-conditioned premises with it’s own x-ray facilities just a few steps from Islington's Upper Street, close to all main bus and train routes including Angel and Highbury.



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